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How to Get Netflix Account for free? Working Method (2020)

Netflix is one of the most popular Streaming Service that allows users to stream Movies, Tv-Shows, Documentaries and Netflix Originals that are only available on Netflix. Netflix is a Premium Streaming Service that Starts from 8.99$ to 16$.

The reason everyone loves Netflix is that they have a vast range of movies, Tv-Shows, Dramas, Web Series and Netflix Originals that make this platform better than any other platform but not everyone loves to pay or they can’t pay for such advantage.

So today on HowHash We are going to Reveal a Simple and Easy method to get Netflix Account Without paying a single penny, exited?

Guess what? I know you are here for the way to get a free Netflix account. I know the trick but don’t worry because today I am gonna show you step by step method how to get Netflix Account for free Before I dive into the process let me clear one of your doubt this post is not going to share any Accounts/Crack we have a Legit Method to get Netflix account for free.

Ler the real game began…

How to Get Netflix Account for Free? Or Simply Free Netflix

It’s a simple process that I am going to break down in step by step below.

How to Get Netflix Account for Free? (Working Method)

Netflix Costs at least 8.99$ Per month and no one of us a willingness to pay right? that’s why I have an easy method for you so let’s begin, I am breaking the process into steps below.

Step 1: Go to

Hmm, Might Sound Weird but believe me open your browser and locate to and type in the search bar the term “Free Netflix Trail” and hit the Search Button.

Search On Google

Step 2: Open the NETFLIX Trail Page

Now after searching the term “Free Netflix Trail” in Google, you can see many web pages right but we are going to open the page that says Free Netflix Trial.

Open the Netflix Trail Page

Step 3: Click On “Try 30 days Free”

After Locating to Netflix Trail Page Click on the button that says “Try 30 Days Free” and enter your email.

netflix signup

Step 4: Choose your Plan

Next, you will proceed to the page that will let you choose a Plan out of 3 Plans, Just Select the one you want and then hit the “Continue Button”.

choose netflix plan

Step 5: Signup for Netflix Account

Now Netflix will ask you for an Email (Enter the emails used at the beginning) and your desired Password Just fill it and hit “Continue Button”.

fill sign up details

Step 6: Enter Payment Details

Now comes the tricky part, Actually, it isn’t that tricky because we are going to enter out card Details or you can create a VCC from your Bank Account for temporary use. Fill the card details, Don’t Worry you won’t be charged a penny. After entering card Details Hit “Continue”.

card details netflix

Step 7: Select three Show

Now Netflix will Ask you to select any 3 Show/Movies if you want you can select or just hit Skip.

select some shows and continue

Step 8: Loading… Let it Proceed

Some people, this thing may take a bit more time but its nothing to worry about now Netflix will do a bit of loading.

let it load

Step 9: We are in. Free Netflix Successfully

Boom! We are in now you can enjoy Free Netflix for 30 Days Just keep in mind you can get another free trial after and after if you cancel the membership before 5 days every month the membership expires.

netflix homepage

Proof of Free Netflix?

So here is a Screen Shot I took at the time of creating my free Netflix account (The One We Created during this whole process).

Account Proof

Final Words

I hope this method works for you because it’s working for us and I wanna clear a doubt again if you want to get free Netflix each month then make sure you cancel your membership at least 5 days before the trial ends and after somedays use this same method to get Netflix again.

This Method has been tested and checked by the editor 0n HowHash and it was working like butter for us that’s why we taught to share this with you, Use this method to get Netflix for free but please don’t misuse this or even think about to sell your account because of that’s a risky thing.

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See ya!

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