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How to download Udemy Videos? [Working Methods]

Udemy is an Industry-Leading Online Learning Platform but a lot of people ask How to Download Udemy Video, By Default Udemy doesn’t offer any such option but with some techniques, we can download Udemy videos. has a large variety of courses aimed to educate and make people able to acquire some new skill sets and improve their previous skills. There are around 100,000+ Courses Listed on Udemy, Courses of every type and Category are on Udemy.

After searching to “How to download Udemy video” and testing, we came across a few working methods to download udemy videos. In this post, I am gonna break down methods step by step to make it easier for you to understand.

So let’s get to the method.

How to Download Udemy Videos

We have 3 different methods to download udemy videos, I am Gonna List Down Each Method one by one, So lets began.

Method No.1 (Using Browser Developer Console)

In this method, we are gonna download udemy videos directly from our browser without any additional 3rd party software or tool.

Step 1: Go to Udemy

First of all go to Udemy’s Website, After landing on the page login with your account.

go to

Step 2: Login and Go the course

Once you are done logging in go to the course page and start the course from which you want to download udemy videos.

Now Locate to the Course you want to Download Videos from.

locate to course

Click on the Course to play the videos.

open course

Step 3: Open Developer Console

Now the course is started and the video is playing, Open Developer Console by Pressing F12 From keyboard.

open developer console

Step 4: Add Snippet and Run it

The real trick begins, this part may be a little bit complicated but it’s still easy, Just Follow the step below.

add snippet code and run it

The Snippet Code:

Copy the code below and pass it into the snippet as mentioned above.

 var videoLink = document.querySelector(“.vjs-tech”).getAttribute(‘src’);,’_blank’); 

Step 5: Download Udemy Video.

Once you run the Snippet your video will Start Downloading in the browser or Download manager.

Step 6: Boom! We Did it.

Thats it, I can assure you if you will follow the above method then you will never search How to Download Udemy Videos again.

  • Original Video Download
  • One time Setup
  • Easy to Manage
  • Bulk Download with Python Scrip Possible
  • Only Works on Web Browser
Editor's Review
This Method is Excellent for those who are willing to save the complete Course in the Original Quality as they see on the Udemy Video Play, With this method, you will never search again “How to Download Udemy Videos”. You can create a Python Script As Well with this Snipper to Automate the Process and you can Download the Complete Course in Some Clicks. Highly Recommend Method for Downloading Udemy Videos in your Windows/MAC Device.

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Method No.2 (Recording Udemy Videos)

This method is really simple yet but time-consuming so without a further do let’s do it.

Step 1: Download any Screen Recording Software Or App

This is a Simple Method but to Get Started you need to download any kind of Premium or free Screen Recording Application on Android or Desktop.

Step 2: Install and Run it.

Once You Install it run the Application or Software.

Step 3: Select the Udemy Video Area

Once your Screen Recording Application is Started Now its time to Select the Screen Area of the Udemy Video.

Step 4: Start Recording

Now Press on the Record Button of your Screen Recording Application or Software and don’t stop it until the video is not completed, this is going to take time but your video will be recorded successfully.

Editor's Review

This is a Great Way to Record the Udemy Videos, You can even record the complete series/Course but its gonna take a lot of time or we can say like we have to play the video till the end so it gets recorded. If you are Willing to save Udemy Videos in your Android Devices or IOS Device then this is the only best and Possible method. I hope now you will not worry about “How to Download Udemy Videos” because you know the method now.

Final Words

I hope this post helps you in some manner, I tried my best to share the possible method on How to Download Udemy Videos and after searching and testing many methods found this one working smoothly and perfectly for me.

All the Methods We have Explained Above are Working 100% and tested by ourself so if you will follow the method correctly you will be able to download udemy videos on Android, IOS. Windows and Mac.

Thats it, if this article helped you please share it on Social media.

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